​Children at Yew Medical Centre.

We are delighted to help you look after your little ones at Yew Medical Centre. Dr Minihan Dr Lobban and Dr Keating all have experience of working in paediatric hospitals and caring for little ones.


Here at Yew Medical we understand that caring for children when they are ill can be stressful. When they are very young they can’t tell us what they feel and they can become very sick very quickly. If you have a concern about your child please phone for an appointment and we will arrange for your child to be seen that day.

Childhood immunisations

Childhood immunisations are designed to reduce the risk of serious illness and even death in children. Dr Minihan worked in The Children's Hospital in Temple St, Dublin during the last serious outbreak of measles in 2000. Sadly a number of children died in Ireland during that outbreak and others were admitted to intensive care with serious complications. We encourage all our parents to vaccinate their children fully. We acknowledge that there are different views regarding vaccines and are happy to discuss any concerns you might have. Our experienced practice nurse Meg O'Hanlon does all our childhood vaccinations according to HSE vaccination schedule

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