Yew Medical Centre: History

The Yew Medical Centre,Balbriggan Co Dublin was established in September 2016 by Dr Finola Minihan. The Yew Tree provided inspiration for the philosophy of the practice.


Prior to establishing Yew Medical Dr Finola Minihan had previously worked with Nurse Meg O'Hanlon, Ms Leona Murphy and Ms Tina Brock. Dr Sarah Lobban joined the practice in October 2016. Dr Ciara Keating was our registrar in 2017 and has stayed on. Dr Niamh Murphy worked with the practice in 2016 and rejoined the practice in December 2018. Ms Martina O'Connor is the third member of our reception team. Ms Diane Rogers joined the practice in April 2019. She works as a healthcare assistant. Each year, the 10th member of our team is a registrar from the North Dublin City GP Training Scheme. Dr Niall Cronin is our registrar at present. We are delighted to welcome him to our vibrant cohesive team. 

The yew tree is Ireland's oldest living tree. It is highly resilient with a majestical appearance. Chemicals from its bark are used in the treatment of cancer including breast cancer.

In Yew Medical Centre having the yew tree as part of our name serves to remind us of the resilence of nature and to look for and develop resilence in ourselves, our colleagues and our patients. We believe this helps keep people healthy and well, which is the aim of all healthcare. Importantly when things aren't going well, and we are struggling with illness, being resilient leads to much better health outcomes.

A core belief of Yew Medical and the North Dublin GP Training Scheme is that, in order to provide excellent care to our patients all medical staff must look after their own mental health. Mindfulness and self awareness are part of our practice policy. They also from a core part of the practice's continuous training and development.

Mindfulness mediation practices has been shown to improve a range of health outcomes. At Yew Medical we encourage people to take a holistic approach to achieving better health.


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