Dr Minihan, Dr Lobban, Dr Keating & Dr Murphy wish to complete any repeat prescription request as safely and conveniently as possible

At Yew Medical Centre Balbriggan we are committed to completing your repeat prescription requests as hassle free as possible.  Please allow three working days for your prescription to be ready. Errors in prescriptions are the most common error encountered in general practice. We need your help to minimise the chance of any error happening. We only accept written requests which can be emailed below or posted or requested through your pharmacy. We may need to phone you to clarify any concerns we may have. We may also need to invite you in for a review in order to complete your request.

If you are having a consultation for another reason and are shortly due a prescription, please discuss it with us during the consult. We prefer to prepare your presciption when you are with us in consult and we can date it for the time it is due. 


At this critical time we would prefer if you emailed your Prescription requests, however if this poses a difficulty we will accept phone requests. Ideally we would prefer if you could nominate a local pharmacy so we can send the prescription directly to them. The doctor may phone you to discuss if they have any concerns so please ensure you have provided us with an up to date phone number. 


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