Looking after your health

Here at Yew Medical we believe that good communication is the corner stone to good health outcomes. Our aim is to work with you to keep you as healthy as possible, in mind and body, by the early detection and prevention of disease. We will discuss with you the benefits and possible complications of various diagnostic and treatment options to agree a shared management plan.

Yew Medical Centre Balbriggan offers blood tests every morning along with Blood Pressure Monitors,  ECG and Pulmonary Function tests

At Yew Medical, we are delighted to be able to offer a full range of tests. Our tests are done by our nurse Meg O'Hanlon and our healthcare assistant Diane Rogers.  If you have any test done at Yew Medical Centre or a hospital test that has been ordered by our team, it is our policy to always contact you with the results. We will let you know if your test is normal or if you need further tests or treatment.This will be done by phone call or through text. If you don't here from us it is extremely important that you phone us for the result. The result may have gotten lost and not been seen by us.

Looking after you as you get older

At Yew Medical, we are especially fond of our older patients. We enjoy the nuggets of wisdom that our older patients share with us. We will explore ways that can help you stay active and independent. As an older person, it is especially important that your medical team and you keep a close eye on your health. Sometimes medications, which you have been on for years, can suddenly start causing you problems. If you have any concerns about your health please pop in to see us.

Looking after you at home

All of our doctors have palliative care experience. We see it as a privilege to share a person’s journey in their final weeks and months.  We are always happy to do home visits for the terminally ill and patients with very restricted mobility.  Where possible, please call before 10:30, if it is felt that a home visit is required.

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