Yew Medical Centre: Contraception & Fertility.

GPs at Yew Medical Centre provide a full range of female contraceptive options. We are experienced at inserting mirena and copper coils along with implanons


It is our policy to see patients for one visit to discuss the contraceptive options fully. At this visit if you decide to have a long acting contraceptive device will arrange a futher appointment. We will fully explain the procedure involved at both visits and ensure that you are comfortable throughout. Long acting contraceptive devices are more effective than tablets and are well worth considering. We will also guide you through all oral options and patches.

From 1st January 2023 women age 17-26 can avail of the free contraception scheme. This scheme covers your GP appointments to discuss contraception and repeat prescriptions. The fitting and removal of implanons , IUDs and IUS ( coils). Your prescription is also covered with participating pharmacy. Click on image below for more information from the HSE. From the 1st September 2023 this has been extended to women aged 17-31. 

Menopause... where to next?

How we treat and view menopause has changed greatly in the last 15 years. HRT went from being commonly prescribed to hardly prescribed at all. In 2016 the National clinical guidance centre (NICE) in England reviewed the evidence again and suggested we not be so cautious when prescribing HRT. This is good news for women who are struggling the menopausal symptoms. There are other medical options besides HRT. Women health concerns' has an excellent information page.Click on the link below for more information.If you would like to discuss menopause further please make an appointment to see one of our doctors. 

Planning a pregnancy...where to next?

Planning a pregnancy is a really exciting time in a couple’s life. It is worthwhile taking time to look at our lifestyles to see what we can do to maximize our health and wellbeing, at all stages of our life. This is especially so when planning a pregnancy. If you have any health concerns, or if you are taking any medication, please arrange a consultation prior to conception to discuss how best to manage these during pregnancy. has a very useful article on pre-conception health. Here at Yew Medical Centre we are always delighted to offer pre- conception advise and antenatal care.

All our doctors and nurses are registered smears takers with cervical check Ireland.

If you think you are due a free smear under the cervical screening program you can confirm this by clicking on the link.. At Yew Medical Centre we would be delighted to take the smear for you. You don't have to be a registered patient of the practice to avail of this service. 

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