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The Yew Medical Centre, Balbriggan, Co Dublin offers a full range of holistic general practice care in a modern friendly environment
Looking after you

Here at Yew Medical we believe that good communication is the corner stone to improving health. We appreciate that you have thought about your symptoms for some time before you make an appointment. You may have also thought about what might have caused the health issue. We wish to explore these ideas with you. Our aim is to work with you to keep you as healthy as possible in mind and body by the early detection and prevention of disease. 

Looking after your little ones
Caring for children can be stressful. When they are very young they can’t tell us what they feel and they can become very sick very quickly. If you have a concern about your child please phone for an appointment and we will arrange for your child to be seen that day.
 At Yew Medical we aim to prescribe antibiotics as little as possible. Exposure to antibiotics increases microbial resistance to antibiotics. There is also recent research suggests exposure to antibiotics in the first few years of life increases the chance of the child developing asthma. We believe in re-assessing your child with you in the days following your child’s initial appointment concerns to see the acute illness is resolving.


Looking after you as you get older

At Yew Medical we are especially fond of our older patients. We enjoy the nuggets of wisdom that our older patients share with us. We explore with all our older patients ways that they can stay active and independent. As an older person it is especially important that we keep a close eye on your health. Sometimes, medications which you have been on for years can suddenly start causing you problems. If you have any concerns about your health, please pop in        to see us.

Looking after Your Fertility and Contraceptive needs

Planning a pregnancy is a really exciting time in a couples life. has a very useful article on pre-conception health. It is worthwhile taking time to look at our lifestyles to see what we can do to maximize our health and well being, at all stages of our life. This is especially so when planning a pregnancy. If you have any health concerns or if you are taking any medication please arrange a consult prior to conceive to discuss how best to manage these in pregnancy.

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