Flu Vaccine Clinic

CHILDREN 2-17   contact reception to express interest

In countries that have had influenza vaccination programmes for children for a number of years, they have shown reduced rates of visit to GPs, ear infections and hospital admissions including intensive care admissions for children. Having your child vaccinated protects your child and also protects the adults they have contact with from influenza.

No needles involved in the vaccination, tiny spray in to the nose. Most children report that they don't feel anything.


Flu Nasal Vaccine:

Your child might feel a little unsettled after the vaccine.

  •         Runny nose (coryza)

  •         Feeling a little tired (malaise)

        1 in 20 children get a fever usually the day after the vaccine​





Flu Vaccine for Adults 

You can now contact the surgery if you are over 65 for your flu vaccine. we will also book in people with underlying conditions below.

The vaccination is free to all people listed below 

  • >65 years

  • pregnant women

  • healthcare workers

  • diabetes

  • chronic conditions - lung, heart, brain, kidney, 

  • Cancer 

  • obesity

  •  Only household contacts of those with a chronic underlying condition or Down syndrome are eligible for the flu vaccine.

  • Household contacts of people aged 65 years and older (who do not also have a chronic health condition), pregnant women, children aged 2-17 years or of healthcare workers or carers cannot avail of the HSE season influenza vaccine provided free to all those in high risk groups and have to the source the flu vaccine privately. We do not have any private flu vaccines at the moment.


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